Sourcing Crystals for Everyone Who Loves Them


Hey there and welcome to our crystal community! My name is Joshua Lucas, and next to me is my beautiful wife Chase Lucas. Together we are Crystal Pacifica! We share an absolute passion for the energy, the curiosity, and the wonder that crystals and minerals bring to people of all ages and walks of life. Since 2019 we have been sourcing crystals, minerals, and gemstones from all over the world, with no end in sight. 


We consciously pick and purchase our inventory from a plethora of small family miners, dealers, and lapidaries who share the same passion as all of us. You'll find me traveling to Brazil 1-3 times a year, as well as traveling to many other localities in the near future. Please join us on our weekly TikTok live sales on Wednesdays and enjoy our website full of unique and beautiful crystals!

Conscious vs. Ethical

One of the most common questions we get is "what does it mean to be "ethically sourced"? In short, every individual has a different view on ethicality and the many factors of how crystals and minerals are sourced. The reality is that many of these crystals we all collect are commonly mined by family miners, sold to small businesses, and cut by local lapidaries (stone cutters). The ethicality of other factors like environmental impact or workers safety also range immensely by locality. Individual workers, and community or culture within those mining towns are always different.


Because of how difficult it is to truly define and truly prove an "ethically sourced" crystal, we instead believe in making the conscious decision to support small family dealers, lapidaries, and miners throughout the world as best we can. We do not make the claim to have "ethical crystals" like many do, but we do the extra work to always provide our customers with the origin localities of all the stones we sell, as well as disclose any treatments or repairs. This way our customers can also make their own conscious decisions about the crystals and minerals they collect. 

Honesty and transparency kindles trust, so that is always what we strive for. As a Brazilian-American I am very fortunate to work so closely with the industry and create face-to-face relationships with many of our suppliers from South America. We are also close with many others from around the world that we've met through the crystal community. If you ever have questions about how we source our products, you're always welcome to send us a message!


*Seen in the photo is a Brazilian women working as a lapidary. She was cutting and polishing quartz crystals out of Minas Gerais, Brazil.